25 IDP youths attend 5-day training for online virtual assistants

October 16, 2018 // Leave a Comment

Twenty-five youths, from internally displaced families in Marawi city, underwent a five-day training designed for virtual assistants, online marketer, and other related services to provide them with potential opportunities while in diaspora.

Beneficiaries of this training are either senior school graduate; graduate but unemployed; and out of school youths but are capable on primary computer application like MS Word or at least knowledgeable about the use of Facebook, a social media platform.

Ronald Piper Ramboanga from Knight of Online Marketers (KOM), one of the leading online service and training provider based on Davao, was the resource person in this short-term course.

Ramboanga taught the youths on the basic roles of virtual assistants in the revolutionizing power of online marketing which complement, if not changed, the traditional marketing and advertising mechanisms adopted by commercial and industrial players of our economy.  

She expounded on the utilization of software and applications that engender a new relations between consumers and producers in the exchange of economic ideas and in the promotion of both old and new products. She likewise explained the online marketing tools and interactive media to reach home-based consumers and to attain marketing objectives.

The advancement of information technology led to the organization of virtual assistants who supported value creation, value delivery, communication, customer relationship management, and even in the conduct of marketing research for product development and use.

Ramboanga has once thought of exploring Marawi until the unbelievable unfortunate siege on May 23, 2017 which paved an opportunity for her to come instead with humanitarian aims to help the internally displaced community.

The training was made possible through the partnership of Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) and Maradeca Inc.

It was conducted on April 10 -14, 2018 at Gamers Block, Commercial Center, MSU, Marawi City. (Amron M. Mangacop)