35 internally displaced persons from Marawi attend organic agriculture training

August 6, 2018 // Leave a Comment

Output of organic fertilizers training produced by farmers-participants.

Thirty five internally displaced farmers and women from Marawi who opted to resettle in 11 barangays within Tangkal and Madalum towns of  Lanao del Sur undergo a training on organic farming.

The participants hailed from their resettled sites at barangays Cabasaran, Raya Guimba, Diolangan, Salipongan, Lumbac, Langi Talub, Macabangon Imbaba, Nanagun, Moriatao Datu of  Tangkal town and Sugod of Madalum municipality, Lanao del Sur.

The conduct of the training was held in two venues. The first part of the session on organic agriculture and its relevance was done in Maradeca training center on July 25, 2018.

The second part of the training was held at Tugaya Farmers Learning Site on July 30, 2018 where participants observed other farmers’ fields, different crop production, and learned how to produce organic fertilizers.

During the training, participants collaboratively produced fermented plant juice (FPJ), fermented fruit juice (FFJ), oriental herbal nutrients (OHN), and fish amino acid (FAA).

“Organic agriculture is a farming system that produces healthy and quality products aimed at  improving quality of life. It also preserve diversity, improves the soil structure, and the balance of soil inhabiting microorganisms without any application of synthetic products,” explained Shaifon Abdulmanan, resource person of the training.

He further explained, “organic farming is a system of agriculture that uses natural and biodegradable inputs while deliberately avoiding the use of synthetic fertilizers.”

The training was conducted by Maradeca Inc. in partnership with Voluntary Service Organization (VSO) thru “Building Skills, Building Lives: Livelihood Skills Training of IDPs from Marawi City” project. (Amiladen Hassana Imam)