Baloi barangay officers, IDP leaders hold dialogue on wastes disposal

July 10, 2018 // Leave a Comment

Dialogue between Baloi barangay officials and leaders of evacuees from Marawi was hosted to bridge and bond effective coordination measures in addressing internally displaced peoples issues and concerns.

Maradeca Inc and Catholic Relief Services (CRS) collaborated in this effort to provide a safe platform for open discourse among barangay officials of West Poblacion in Baloi town (Lanao del Norte) and key IDP leaders — who have temporarily settled at the poblacion, about their common needs and problems.

Among the highlighted issues resolved was the segregation and disposal of mounting garbages which became a health hazard in the community.

Local officers disclosed weekly collection of garbage and the wastes segregation policy. On the other hand, IDPs requested for additional garbage bins or containers. They opined that the garbage they put inside plastic bags were easily scattered by scavenging stray dogs.

Thousands of Maranao IDPs settled in Baloi town following the Marawi siege in May 2017.

The influx or increase of populace in the area correlates on high volume of garbage to manage.

As a resolve, the local units committed to provide sacks and nailed these on wooden frames or on tree trunks and have fully demanded the segregation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste materials.

“A week after, Maradeca team monitored the developments to determine the constructive change and result of the discourse. True enough, sacks have been mounted up for garbage management within the evacuation centers.

“The dialogue was a pivot to bridge gap between stakeholders. The use of non-violent communication was helpful and it improves access of communication between barangay officials and the displaced communities. This is very important in change process and it made IDPs felt they’re truly heard,” said Farhana S. Arimao, staff of Maradeca.