Community members and MARADECA assist IDPs in evacuation camp clean up

December 7, 2017 // Leave a Comment

To address the sanitary condition of the evacuation camps and improve the environmental hygiene issues including the foul smell of human and animal wastes, pests and rats, as well as garbage thrown by people, a number of MARADECA staff, about 40 IDP volunteers and community member volunteers came together for a clean-up activity of the evacuation camps in Dhyfullah for 2 days and another 4 days in the Libyan Hospital.

The cleanup included removing of wild grasses, garbage, tidying up toilets, rooms and backyard of IDPs from Butig who came to Marawi.

The overarching aim is to promote awareness of community cleanliness, proper hygiene promotion of the IDPs in the evacuation camps and safeguarding people’s health as well as ensuring a clean living environment so as to protect the quality of life for evacuees specially the children.

Before the clean-up drive was conducted, each evacuation camp installed a Camp Management where 13 identified people have been elected by the rest of the IDPs to lead their camps; MARADECA staff had a meeting with the officers of the each camp and made an orientation on the clean-up activity in order to assign each volunteer with their tasks.

After the clean-up drive the IDP volunteers were not just grateful with the result but also with the cash that each of them has received.

One of them had remarked “I can now buy decent food for my family after a long time”. Every one of them can’t hide the happiness that they felt.