Community orgs set long term plans

October 10, 2018 // Leave a Comment

Maranao peoples organizations conducted its 3-year strategic planning for peace and governance program.

The organizations involved in this planning are Ompongan O manga Bae sa Ranao (OBAIRA), Ompongan o manga Taribasok sa Ranao (OTR), and Maranao Youth for Peace and Development (MYPD). Members of these organizations are residents of barangays Dilongan and Salipongan of Bubong municipality; barangays Langgi Talub of Masui; and barangay Moriatao Datu in Lumbayangaue, Lanao del Sur. They are partner organizations of Maradeca Inc.

In this activity, they have assessed their internal strengths and weaknesses as well as the external opportunities and threats. Ensuring that they will achieve effective and achievable plans, they identified specific goals and intended results.

“The peoples organizations are supportive of attaining unity, cooperation, trust, respect of diverse opinions and ideas of members and officers. They understood the need to settle immediately all miscommunications or misunderstanding so we can collectively pursue our aims harmoniously,” said Mahdi Mulituba, chairperson of OTR in Diolangan.

This initiative is supported by Caritas Australia. (Nadjeba Maruhom)