Community participatory planning in 12 brgys of Lanao Sur completed

October 21, 2018 // Leave a Comment

Maradeca Inc. held consultative meetings in 12 barangays of Lanao del Sur to develop Community Service Improvement Plan in the next five years.

These consultative meetings were undertaken in two barangays of Bubong town, four barangays in Buadiposo Buntong municipality, and six barangays in Lumbatan town.

These series of community engagements aimed to broadly improve peace and stability in the region by “strengthening the capacity, legitimacy, transparency, and accountability of local government; and increasing the involvement of citizens in governance through civic education, civil society strengthening, and peoples’ participation.”

Maradeca Inc. partnered with DAI ENGAGE with support from USAID in realizing these.

Beneficiaries are among the 24 local government units and 48 civil society organizations targeted by DAI ENGAGE for peace and development intervention in the country.

Partners collaborated to “capacitate local units to resolve conflict and address community priorities through stronger management, stimulating community leadership, and participatory decision-making.”

Marginalized sectors like religious group, traditional, youth, women, and academic community were also encouraged to participate to strengthen constituencies.

In the consultative meetings, Maradeca facilitated in resource mapping and inventory; identification of problems and prioritization of needs; and in getting their perceptions on how to prevent violent extremism.

The partners also aimed at helping the displaced families from Marawi who sought temporal refuge in these towns.

Each session was conducted in their respective barangay hall. (Aleyaneda Bantuas)