Evacuees receive cash, livelihood assistance

October 20, 2018 // Leave a Comment

Evacuees from Marawi city received livelihood and cash assistance from Lutheran World Relief (LWR) in collaboration with Maradeca Inc. to immediately address basic needs while in a state of displacement.

These beneficiaries are evacuees who opted to settle in the towns of Poona Bayanao, Buadi Puso Buntong, Ramain, Bubong, and in conflict-free zone of Marawi city.

Beneficiaries have attended series of meetings and training with LWR to discuss market feasibility on identified livelihood opportunities and to identify appropriate measures that could sustain livelihood.

They were likewise profiled and validated.

Recipients  were also oriented on the policies, systems, and procedures in releasing their respective claims.

There were 59 families (of evacuees) who received grocery goods for their sari-sari store; 7 families (of evacuees) received bakery materials; 18 families are recipient of gasoline stand; six families opted for e-loading business; and, 45 families got support for their RTW business.

Beneficiaries thought this assistance were opportunities to commence their life towards normalcy.

Naima P. Ibrahim, 19 years old and residing at Tampilong Marawi City with her four kids, expressed, “the assistance can help sustain their daily needs.”

Ibrahim was thankful to God, to LRW, and Maradeca and considered the assistance as blessings.