High school admins, ulamah create network vs violent extremism

October 20, 2018 // Leave a Comment

Fourteen school administrators and representatives convene in a conference which aimed at establishing Early Response Network to address emerging tendency of youths to embrace violent extremism.

These school officials came from various national high school in Lanao del Sur.

They discussed some measures that could possibly prevent violent extremism and formulated some guidelines regarding youths’ participation in activities which propagate extremist tendencies.

A separate session of similar process and intent was also conducted with religious leaders on April 25, 2018.

The conferences were inspired on Building Conflict-Resilient Communities and Development Initiatives in Muslim Mindanao (CORE-CODE) and was supported by International Alert (IA).

Alibasher G. Sarip, principal in Pualas National High School,  pointed the need to  “share only reliable and valid information regarding violent extremism and its related activities to the network and organization.”

“Members of the Early Response Network should also evaluate information to ensure that what has been forwarded isn’t politically nor personally motivated,” said Aslam M. H. Solaiman of AKIC-SLS.  

Adeeb Hassannoor of AKIC-SLS called on the need to impart proper knowledge, core, and right values of Islam to the students to protect them from any misleading information (fake news).”

The organized network agreed to have its facebook  account and hotline number for expedient dissemination of communication.

The meeting with school leaders, which was held on April 19, 2018,  was facilitated by Aquila M. Kahar, Bobby M. Abbas, and Faizah A. Ali. (Aquila M. Kahar)