Humanizing IDPs lives: partition walls & shelter kits given to families in diaspora

October 10, 2018 // Leave a Comment

To humanize and improve the condition in the evacuation centers, partition walls  with shelter kits were constructed to provide a bit of necessary privacy and health safeguards per displaced family in five evacuation sites.

A total of 459 partition walls and 4,541 shelter kits were distributed to IDP families in Iligan and Pantar evacuation centers. The beneficiary-evacuation centers in Iligan are Mahad Alnor, Torel Ubaldo, Moneera Integrated School, Madrasah in Cabaro, and in Macadato compound.

There are three types of partitions given to IDPs. The first kind is of partition walls came along with an elevated bed designed for household with five members. It utilized 6 sheets of 1/4x4x8” of ordinary plywood, 1 sheet of 1/2x4x8” plywood, 12 pcs of 2x3x8” coco lumber, 15 pcs of 2x2x8” coco lumber, 1 kl 4 cm nails, 1 kl 3 cm nails, 1 kl of 21/2 cm nails, and 1 kl of 1 cm & 1/2 cm nails.

The second type of a partition is with double deck bed enough for a family with 6-10 members. It contain 2 sheets of 1/2x4x8 plywood, 3 sheets of 1/4x4x8 plywood, 6 pcs of 2x3x8 coco lumber, 13 pcs of 2x3x8 coco lumber, 4 pcs of 2x2x8 coco lumber, 1 kl. 2 and 1/2 cm nails and 1/2 kl 1 and 1/2 cm nails.

The third type is the E-shelter intended for a large family staying in one roof. It is made of 4 sheets of 6×10 corrugated roofs, 6 sheets of 1/2x4x8 plywoods, 3 sheets of 2x2x10 coco purlins, 13 pcs of 2x3x8 coco lumber, 2 pcs of 2x4x10 coco lumber, 2 pcs of 2x4x8 coco lumber, 1/2 kl 14 cm nails, 1 kl of 2 umbrella roof nails, and 1 kl bamboo slats.

Simula ng nagbakwit kami, ngayon lang po kami naging komportable dito. Nakakatulog na kami ng mahimbing. Laking tulong po talaga ang pagkwarto at paglalagay ng mga higaan, Nakakatulog po kaming lahat pati na ang mga kalalakihan na dati ay natutulog lamang sa labas (Since our evacuation, its only after these are constructed and done that we are able to sleep soundly. The shelter kits and beds are big help to us. Our men who used to sleep outside can share the sleeping space now), said Mahad Anor Aslima, expressed an IDP in gratitude.

Aslima is one of the 106 IDP families temporarily seeking refuge in Mahad Alnor evacuation center at Ceanuri, Iligan city.

Aside from providing a bit of privacy, children IDPs are safeguarded from pneumonia, diseases, and colds which could happen as a result of their direct exposure to cement floors and unhealthy surroundings.

Maradea Inc partners with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in realizing these supports. (Johayma M. Diama)