Joint RD Foundation-MARADECA Humanitarian Mission

December 20, 2017 // Leave a Comment

From the start of the Marawi siege in May 2017 until September 2017 MARADECA and RD Foundation conducted house to house data gathering in the affected areas of the conflict in Marawi, Iligan City, the municipalities of Baloi and Pantar in Lanao del Norte in the towns of Saguiaran , Marantao, Pualas, Poonabayabao, Masiu ,Bubong, Ditsa-an Ramain  and Buadipuso Buntong in Lanao del Sur.

During the data gathering the IDPs expressed their need for food and non-food items for their daily survival.  Many IDPs especially women, children and elders experienced health problems like cough, diarrhea, stomach ache, skin diseases and fever.

The over population of IDPs in the evacuation centers and insufficiency of water supply for drinking, washing, latrines and bathing add to the daily problems.

MARADECA in partnership with RD Foundation distributed 3,000 food packs to the affected IDPs of Marawi Siege in the following Evacuation Centers in Iligan City:

Canaway Tibanga, Lomondot Compound, Monera Private School in Iligan City in Home based Barangay Bagong Silang, Baraas, Purok Legaspi, Saray Purok 12, Tubod, Steel town, Suarez, Santiago.

In the town of Baloi Lanao del Norte, the following villages were served by the joint RD Foundation-MARADECA humanitarian mission:  Abaga/Albaroni, Pacalundo, and Rice mill/ west Poblacion.

In the Municipality of Saguiaran , volunteers distributed relief goods at the Badak Hospital Evacuation Center located in Barangay Buadi Itowa and Barangay  Mipaga Home-based areas, as well as the Evacuation Center for a  total of 3,000 IDPs.

All the IDPs in these areas received food packs equivalent to 5 kilos of rice, 4 pcs of tuna sardines, one half kilo of sugar, and one bag of biscuits for children.

The IDPs were thankful to MARADECA and RD foundation for the 5-day food support for their daily survival.