MARADECA facilitates Early Childhood Education training

December 7, 2017 // Leave a Comment

About twenty mother-facilitators from four communities gathered for a training of the  2nd phase of Early Childhood Education (ECE). The mother-facilitators were able to enhance skills and learned new techniques in teaching ECE learners on how to read, write, count through interactive activities.

The training was facilitated by the provincial coordinator of BRAC Ms. Johayma Diama and Ms. Hanna Caunda.

Two refresher courses are conducted by BRAC in the middle and end of the classes at the classrooms in the communities, and there are 5 ECE mother facilitators who participate in every community.

Through the BRAC ECE training, the mother facilitators are able to improve their teaching skills and strategies.

During the training Ms. Johayma emphasized that “ECE teaching skills requires patience and perseverance. It is not about teaching, instead it is about caring for children”.

She also stressed that ECE mother-facilitators must not use chalkboard during teaching but must engage pupils through interactive activities. BRAC introduced more action songs that were learned by the ECE mother facilitators.

In the refresher course, the teaching skills of the ECE mother facilitators were assessed as to their actual teaching and classroom management. This was conducted through actual demonstrations learned from the trainings.

There was an updating of the ECE classes and their best practices. Parents were also invited to help their children at home and also to learn the basic teaching skills on how to teach ECE learners.

Ms. Lalaine one of the mother-facilitators responded by saying, “It’s good that they train us to be more competitive and effective facilitators in handing the children, but if you look at this, there is also a need to train us to be good mothers in our communities.”

As result of the training, the mother-facilitators were able to open ECE classes in their respective communities.

One of the parents from Diolangan, Mr. Olomodin Marangit says “I am very glad that we were invited to this refresher course so that we can see our children’s performance and I can see that the mother-facilitators treat and teach the the children well.”