MARADECA Inc. partners Sun Life in humanitarian initiatives

October 12, 2018 // Leave a Comment

Maradeca Inc. partners with Sun Life to help provide relief goods for internally displaced communities from Marawi who are temporarily settled in various municipalities in Lanao del Sur.

Food packs were distributed to 1,366 families which contain items enough for two weeks of consumption.

These relief goods were distributed in the towns of Bubong (303 families), Buadipuso-Buntong (127 families), Ditsa-an Ramain (359 families), and Barangay East Basak of Marawi City (577 families).

The relief goods contained 10 kilos of rice, 1 kilo of dried fish, 1 kilo of sugar, 1 kilo of salt, 1 kilo of mongo, and 1 kilo of edible oil.

Served beneficiaries are families coming from the 24 barangays of Marawi which is now called as most affected areas (MAA).

“They have lost everything during the siege. After Marawi has been flattened to rubble, these IDPs require basic attention for their needs but must be provided with supplies that are culturally appropriate for their health and human dignity,” the humanitarian groups observed.

“They have been so eager to recover from their current state and are willing to participate in any activity that could help them return to their normal lives but the families have put greater importance on food as basic needs for their living,” they added. (Hanna O. Caunda)