MARADECA, UNCHR profile IDPs in three host towns

October 17, 2018 // Leave a Comment

Internally displaced communities who temporarily settled in three municipalities of Tugaya, Watu, and Marantao were documented and profiled using KoBoCollect application, a research tool based on the OpenDataKit and is fundamentally utilized for “data collection in humanitarian emergencies and other challenging field environments.”

Those profiled are not only the conflict-affected evacuees from Marawi city but also those displaced and have endured the effects of Typhoon Vinta, Typhoon Sendong, Typhoon Pablo, the armed conflict in Butig town, Lanao del Sur, and those impacted by violent rido, too.

The IDP profiling were undertaken by MARADECA Inc in collaboration with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), a UN agency for refugees.

The IDPs in Tugaya town were profiled on June 5-6, 2018 in coordination with King Fahad Pacalna Cali, a municipal secretary.

Most of the displaced persons in Tugaya are survivors of Typhoon Vinta.

In June 7-8, 2018, IDPs profiling in Watu and Marantao towns were undertaken.

Data showed that many of the documented IDPs in Maranatao have lost their businesses within the most affected area (MAA) of Marawi.

There are also those who have already returned to their original residences, in areas where violence wasn’t severely experienced.

Profiling of IDPs in other areas in Lanao were also undertaken by UNCHR with other local civil society partners.