NGCP Partners with MARADECA

December 15, 2017 // Leave a Comment

The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) and MARADECA signed an agreement for the conduct of Focus Group Discussion (FGD) in seventeen (17) municipalities and two (2) cities of Lanao del Sur and Lanao del Norte, respectively, where NGCP towers are situated.

For the province of Lanao del Sur the towns and number of villages or Barangays include the following:  Marantao 4 barangays, Wato 1 barangay, Tugaya 1, Pualas 2, Bumabaran one, Maguing 1 barangay, Buadipuso Buntong 1, Ditsaan Ramain 3, Bubong 3 and Marawi City 2 barangays.

For Lanao del Norte the following places were included: Kauswagan 4 barangays, Bacolod 4, Maigo 4, Kolambogan 3 barangays, Tangkal 1 barangay, Linamon 2, Baloi 2, and Iligan City with four (4) barangays.

Before the conduct of FGD the teams coordinated with the office of the various town Mayors for proper courtesy at the same time disseminate the letters signed by the research officer.  Afterwards the teams also visited the barangay chairperson to inform the community members which regards to the FGD with at least ten (10) to fifteen (15) participants.

The Maranao People Development Center Inc. (MARADECA) has also contracted partnership with other international or national funding agencies depending on the program provided by the NGO such as Institutional Development (InstiDev), Community Sustainable Development (CSD), and Peace and Governance (PeaceGov).

The NGCP-MARADECA partnership falls under the program of CSD that includes the conduct of Focus Group Discussion (FGD) in the area that needs development of different intervention to raise issues and concern among the participants related to the goals of the partnership.