OTR, OBAERA attend training on business marketing, strategies

January 3, 2019 // Leave a Comment

Two people organizations were beneficiaries of a series of training on marketing strategies and management for Maranao micro-entrepreneurs .

This aimed to capacitate people organization’s in dealing business properly; know the importance of business planning; learn basic knowledge and skills on marketing management and its strategy; develop self-reliance and confidence in their abilities; understand new ideas and techniques in managing a social enterprise as a group; learn from business experiences; and, grant people’s organization on how to sustain their livelihood.

Participants were members of  Ompongan o mga Taribasok sa Ranao (OTR) and Ompongan o mga Bae sa Ranao (OBAERA) and were residents of barangays Diolangan and Salipongan of Bubong municipality and barangays Langi Talub of Masiu town, and Moriatao Datu of Lumabayanague, Lanao del Sur.

Thematic discussions also included traits of a successful entrepreneur; creating product or service; knowing the market for product or service; putting business together and analyzing the competition; identifying marketing strategies; advertisements, promotions, and fund or income management .

It was undertaken with the theme, “strengthening the strategies of small enterprise at the grassroot level.”

It imparted information and instruction to improve the recipient’s performance to help them attain the required level of managing social enterprise  which they could use in managing a cooperative.

These series of training were facilitated by Amiladen H. Imam and Norhana M. Dirampa.

Maradeca Inc. had undertaken this project with stakeholders from October to November 2018.

It was supported by Caritas Australia.