Parents in two towns attend child rights, protection training

October 17, 2018 // Leave a Comment

Parents from remote communities in two towns of Lanao del Sur attended Child Right Protection training in separate sessions from March to April 2018.

Beneficiaries are from barangays Diolangan, Salipongan, Bubong, Langi Talub of Masiu town and in barangay Moriato Datu of Lumbayanague municipality.

The series of training aimed to inculcate awareness on child rights; appreciate the importance of children’s rights in relation to Family Code and Ethics; and, increase awareness on child protection policy and framework.

International covenants agreed among nations strictly guarantees the safety of children in emergency situation; ban their recruitment or participation in armed or violent groups; prohibit labor exploitation; and those in conflict situation should be regarded with priority attention for them to avail humanitarian services.

Children are recognized to have special status and deserved an integrated protection for its civil, political, social, cultural, and education rights.

Facilitators of the training — the officers of Maradeca’s Peace and Governance program, also discussed the relations of child rights and parental responsibilities.

“Among the obligations learned from the training are parent’s responsibility to give name for their children; support their education;  provide basic necessity like clothes, shelter, and adequate nutritious foods; share children a time to play; hear their ideas and opinions in all matters; and, guide them build self-esteem and confidence,” Lalainie Marangit explained.

Olumodin Marangit further expounded, “child is the first person to be guided by the parents through Islamic teaching.”

“In Islam, child is vested with rights emanating from a divine decree. Therefore, parents are just trustees and must raise their children in accordance with Islam. A child birth is not coincidence but part of Divine plan,” one of the facilitators explained.

The trainers noted the realization of parents in the performance of their roles.

“Sometimes, they made mistakes, violated some of children’s rights, or have neglected them by circumstance,” they said. 

The training were realized through Caritas-Austrialia and Maradeca’s partnership. (Norhana Dirampa  and Saimah Baulo)