People’s organizations pursue social enterprise; crafted business plans

September 11, 2019 // 1 Comment

To advance community-based enterprise development management for internally displaced persons (IDPs), a number of seminar and conference were organized to sharpen Maranao skills in enterprise development and business management.

This is part of an integrated approach as recovery program for displaced constituents of Marawi and which encouraged innovation or creativity among civil society to help capacitate and foster collaboration with various stakeholders on social enterprise development for resiliency and social cohesion.

To this effect, two Social Enterprise Trainings focused on formulating their business vision and  plan were conducted on February  25-28, 2019 for 40 organized IDPs held at Maradeca Training Center, Poona Marantao Ragayan, Marantao, Lanao del Sur.

A separate social enterprise conference was also conducted to further strengthen the skills and capacity of beneficiaries at Iligan city.

“The training equipped participants on marketing, market analysis, product development, use of technology, reliance on specialists and expert managers for knowledge, and in developing social comparative advantage through pro-active participation, social analysis, team-building, and deep sense of mission,” said Edmundo Del Castillo, one of the resource persons.

They also inculcated sense of vision, creativity, pragmatism, innovation, determination, and business-based social solutions on complex problems and thru scalable ideas.

“It also taught them approaches in market relations and management to gain sustainable profit but tempered this in measuring entrepreneurial performance based on the positive contribution they can provide to local economy, to social cohesion and to environmental protection,” said Aleyaneda D. Bantuas, another resource persons.

Social enterprise intends not just to profit but also solve problem for social issues like an alternative approach to resolve harmful and risky vices of underemployed youths and for eradication of poverty.

It also redefined the relation of entrepreneur and his local government by pro-actively advancing positive contribution to community development.

“Social enterprise and social entrepreneurship are opportunity to bring positive social impact that will inspire community to engage in it. In starting up a social enterprise, the entrepreneur must have the social mission of addressing the community issue or problem of his community and must be done through sustainable business model,” said Maria of Bayan Academy.

Participants also examined the opportunities within Department of Trade and Investment (DTI), DTI Negosyo Center, Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), Department of Agriculture (DAR), TLDC in the province, TESDA, FAO, and other civil society supporting social enterprise development, business management operation, technical skills development, and access to potential resource and market for business viability.

In their business planning, Salapidao Ko Masa Cooperative likes to pursue a business on bakery while Raya Buntong NL Livelihood Producer Cooperative” opted mamandiang making or sequencing. Moreover, Mipantao Gadongan preferred to produce agricultural products and hoped to construct vegetable ware house and further cultivate vegetable farm.

OBAERA-Masiu chapter loved sustaining their tailoring business to hopefully have its own boutique while Dayawaan Weavers produced garments. Meanwhile, OBAERA-Dimapatoy pursue micro-financing, bakery, and a botika sa barangay. They hope to be able to construct in the future their own commercial building where they can operate fully their businesses.

Moreover, OTR-Dimapatoy -a group of farmer, focused on acquisition of farm equipment and hoped to own a rice mill and additional farm tools.

This intervention was undertaken since first quarter of 2019 and was supported by British Council of the Philippines.

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