Maranao villagers learn basic healthcare

June 29, 2018 // Leave a Comment

Community-based education on basic healthcare to uphold preventive measures against potential but curable illnesses and diseases was asserted by development workers as of primordial relevance in every Maranao households.

“Every one should exercise their health rights like how they are doing personal hygiene everyday. Keeping the body clean always is one of the effective ways to protect ourselves from diseases, bacteria, deadly viruses, and illnesses. Healthy habits should be cultivated at an early age,” said Johaina Abdullah, one of the health volunteers of Maradeca Inc.

“This educative measures aimed to also change healthcare perspectives that’s bent on dependency toward health substations and to inculcate among beneficiaries that health should be primary family agenda in every home,” Omelhair Palawan, another health volunteer said.

The Maradeca staff related that they have been conducting health consultations and hygiene promotions since March 2018 in the towns of Piagapo, Saguiaran and Marantao, Lanao del Sur.

In Piagapo, healthcare training were conducted in the villages of Radapan, Olango, Pantar, Radapan Poblacion, Katumbakan, Bubu and Sapingit.

In Saguiaran, health education were conducted in barangays Bubong, Lumbayanague, Pantaon, Maitobasak, Old Madrasah, Pantao Raya, in the covered court, and peoples plaza for the villagers within the poblacion.

On the other hand, health sessions were also held in the barangays of Ragayan 1, Ragayan 2, Tacub, Mantapoli, Pagalungan, Danaingud, Bacayawan Proper, and Nataron for Marantao town.

Each training had 50 participants.

Resource persons in this health education are Johaina Abdullah, NorhaimaTomaranao, and Omelhair Palawan.

This project was made possible through Maradeca Inc. with supports from Plan International. (Norhaina Tomaranao)