“Refresher course” training for educators in disadvantaged communities held

October 10, 2018 // Leave a Comment

Staffs of Maradeca Inc — who are in collaboration in the implementation of basic education for remote and disadvantaged communities in Lanao del Sur under BRAC, attended two separate “refresher course” training conducted by Department of Education (DepEd)-ARMM on January 26 and 30, 2018.

“We have changed the lives of more than a hundred women and have provided good education for their kids. They are proud on what they have achieved and this improved their self-esteem, too. This is part of our success,” said Boniarah R. Usngan Mustapha, division supervisor of DepEd and BRAC coordinator of Lanao del Sur.

There were 23 teachers and coordinators who have benefited from the first training slated at Deped’s Division 1 satellite office.

In January 30, another “refresher course” was also conducted for 23 teachers from the municipalities of Lumbayangaue, Lumbatan, Sultan Dumalondong, Pualas, Bacolod Kalawi, and Tugaya. They all belong to DepEd’s Division 2.

In both session, trainees were updated on the Learners Information System of the DepEd. They also discussed issues and problems for immediate actions.

Maradeca Inc is one of the 15 organizations working collaboratively with BRAC in applying Alternative Delivery Model (ADM) as a methodology through Basic Education Assistance in Muslim Mindanao (BEAM) Program. It is a collaborative project of the Philippine Government through the Department of Education (DepEd), DepEd-ARMM, the Australian Government, and BRAC. The latter is a non-profit foundation based in Netherlands with office in Bangladesh.

BRAC broadly aimed “to support the efforts of the Philippine government to strategically address education issues in ARMM based on general standards. It provides catch up opportunities for young children in remote and poor communities where regular education in not accessible.”

It generally aims at contributing to the overall goal of BEAM to reduce poverty and peace in ARMM.

The educative interventions target preschoolers as in remote and disadvantaged communities to acquire school readiness. BRAC partners with local NGOs and with DepEd to implement an alternative delivery mode of education.