Statement of Commitment: Marawi Reconstruction Conflict Watch

October 11, 2018 // Leave a Comment

We are the Marawi Reconstruction Conflict Watch (MRCW), an independent multi-stakeholder dialogue group that shall channel wider public attention and participation in the monitoring of the Marawi reconstruction process.

We are families and clans affected by conflict, internally displaced business owners, religious leaders, community leaders including women and youth, academics, and NGO representatives from Marawi and province of Lanao del Sur. We come from different sectors and walks of life, with different aspirations and persuasions. Bound by the spirit of unity, we come together in spirit of dialogue about our community’s issues, concerns, and aspirations.

We pledge our collective knowledge, expertise, deep experience, and fortitude in the cause of conflict-proofing the economic, social, cultural, and political transition during the Marawi reconstruction process and rebuilding relationships of peoples.

We shall coordinate with the government, relevant agencies, civil society organizations, and key stakeholders to help mitigate violent conflict that may result from the reconstruction process.

We commit to continuously watch, guide, and cooperate in the rebuilding of our beloved city through the MRCW. We will regularly meet as a group and with the government, its private sectors, aid agencies, and other civil society organizations to monitor potential conflict impacts of the reconstruction process — from awarding of the Joint Venture Agreement with the developer, the reconstruction proper, return of the residents of the main affected areas, and post-reconstruction. We will surface critical information on risks and issues that citizens have and propose context-responsive actions to address these.

The people of Marawi have a deep understanding of the local context and the web of multiple formal and informal institutions that govern our city. We intend to harness this knowledge to ensure that the rebuilding process is people-centered, informed by best practices, and conflict sensitive. We believe that meaningful local participation will not only foster trust and help prevent violent conflict, it will also nuance and sharpen the government’s response and help ensure positive outcomes.

We look forward to ensuring, alongside key stakeholders and agencies, the achievement of a durable peace and inclusive redevelopment of Marawi. #


Signed by 40 international, national, and local stakeholders and humanitarian institutions for Marawi. 

July 25 2018