Survey on social cohesion conducted in 7 Lanao areas

October 16, 2018 // Leave a Comment

Maradeca Inc’s staffs and volunteers conducted a survey in 10 barangays within six municipalities of Lanao del Sur and in Marawi city targeting 143 respondents to gather baseline information from the communities as part of social preparation for possible interventions.

Areas covered are the towns of Bubong, Buadiposo, Tugaya, Madalum, Masiu, Lumbayanage and in Marawi city.

Inquiries are fundamentally focused on socio-economic conditions of the areas, matters on governance’s impact to constituents, and about security management.

The survey was inspired to generate data that would correlate on social cohesion– a complex notion on individual or group’s perspectives in all micro and macro-social level’s multidimentional realities with its entailing consequences on social disparities, social capital, participation in governance or their social exclusion, and in some specific areas, include cultural diversification concerns or ethnic relations.

The survey was conducted on May 1-8, 2018 with support from Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO). (Norlika Bao, Noraima Macasimbar, Muslima Hadji Salic, Sonaira Rasid and Aisha Ala)