The Unconditional Cash Transfer Program: Access to a range of food and other needs for survival and dignity while displaced

December 15, 2017 // Leave a Comment

Seven Hundred Twenty Nine (729) home based IDPs in Iligan City and Baloi received Unconditional Cash Transfer, a program of Lutheran World Relief in partnership with Maranao People Development Center (MARADECA), Inc. The cash transfer were received through Palawan Express Pera Padala.

The project allows IDPs to have access to a range of food or other needs for survival and dignity while displaced. The following was the criteria in selecting the beneficiaries to avail the project; (1) IDP house based, (2) Underserved evacuation centers and barangay, (3) Persons with disabilities, (4) IDPs who are chronically ill, (5) Widowed, (6) Elderly not living with extended family, (7) Orphan-Children 17 years old and below and bread winner of the siblings, (8) IDPs with no other source of income, solely dependent on relief assistance, (9) Non beneficiary of cash for work program and (10) Families with at least six (6) or more family members.

The unconditional cash transfer program is one of the most prevailing social assistance programs in areas affected by natural and human calamities. This program helped lift many IDP families out of the deficiency/shortage of food supply, while the displaced and have improved their short term nutritional goals especially of children.

The UCT program helped reduce food and non-food shortages among the IDP families. Unconditional cash transfer also succeeded in increasing the purchasing power of the IDPs.