MARADECA distributes Hygiene and Water Kits to the affected IDPs in Saguiran, Marantao and Piagapo Marawi City

December 21, 2017 // Leave a Comment

MARAWI CITY – The conduct of hygiene and water kits started on September up to November 2017. This was held in the three (3) municipalities including Saguiran covering 22 barangays with a total of 2,887 beneficiaries. The municipality of Marantao covering 19 barangays with a total 1,074 beneficiaries; and municipality of Piagapo covering 18 barangays with a total 1,039 beneficiaries.

This initiative was a partnership program of MARADECA and Plan International that aims to improve hygiene and sanitation of the most affected IDP families for their protection from the prevalence of health issues and concerns.

Based on the reports and assessment, there are IDPs who have developed health issues and concerns especially their stay in evacuation centers considering congestions of the area, water borne diseases and limited supply of hygiene kits.  The issues for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene became second priority since the struggle of the IDPs for food security is the primary.

Part of the distribution is the conduct of health awareness for the IDPs. These include the F diagram, hand washing, and proper usage of the hyposol. After the discussions, the distributions followed. Pregnant, child headed elderly IDPs are prioritized in the distributions.

The distribution of hygiene and water kits was very important as expressed by the IDPs because this is like food which is consumable. Some IDPs were not receiving any hygiene and water kits and they have no other option but to buy hygiene kits to wash their clothes and for bathing. Most of the IDPs shared that hygiene item are their additional   burdens and they have limited financial resources.

Rasmia, an IDP in barangay Lumbayanague, Saguiran, said “she is very thankful for the hygiene and water kits provided because this will lessens their burden in buying hygiene items. Today, we are currently struggling with our basic food items. Hygiene kits are less priority and I am so glad and thankful that these items will help us especially to our hygiene necessities. The bath soap that will last for 2 months, sometimes my children will not take a bath because we have no bath soap. The water containers will be very helpful to us to bank our water necessities”.  (FARIDA SALIC)