Women’s quest: journeying back to self for peace

March 30, 2018 // Leave a Comment

Community leaders and key heads in select host commun,where where Marawi evacuees settled, underwent  a training on “understanding the self” as a prelude towards greater insights on their roles in peacebuilding and conflict management.

The women leaders in barangay Pacalundo, Baloi, Lanao del Norte — whose community evolved as pro-active hosts of internally displaced families from Marawi city following the siege in May 2017, are among the 150 beneficiaries of this session in a series.

The training was conducted on March 15-16, 2018 and Norliah B. Deron, a staff of Maradeca Inc, was the resource facilitator.

“It was intended to increase women’s understanding of their selves and their roles in upholding peace and conflict management for communities in diaspora,” Deron said.

In a constructive appreciation of this capacity building, women looked back into their selves to harness their abilities as a woman, housewife, a mother, as grandmother, and, as social managers in larger context under conflict situation.

“Women are actual creator of peace. They have unnoticed great contribution in peacemaking, particularly in the period when most of their brethren from Marawi are direly seeking their assistance for temporal refuge. It hopes to lessen discrimination,” Deron further explicated.

“As host families of IDPs, they have informally adopted their brothers and sisters and somehow provided comfort and peace of mind for the homeless and needy ones,” she added.

Similar session were also conducted for IDP host communities in barangays Tomas Cabili and Ubalda Laya, Iligan  city on November 23-24, 2017. 

In Tomas Cabili, there were 40 stakeholders present in the sessions while another 35 participants attended in Ubaldo Laya.

A separate sessions were also conducted for key leaders in West Poblacion of Baloi town on February 13-14, 2018 where 38 community leaders joined in discourses.

Said series of activities were conducted with supports from Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in partnership with Maradeca Inc.